Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hooray for our girls!!!!

So far we have TWO eggs!!! (Hoping for more today...)
They're wee.. hehe.. But, we are proud!
The first egg, Ian found on 8/27 in their wading pool...
The egg isn't in this pictures... but the Spoiled Chickens are!

Awww.. Freckles...

The second egg was on the 29th.. IN THE NEST BOX!!! As soon as we found the first egg, we put the white 'decoy' egg in the nest box to convince them that this is much better than the pool... You know, in the long run. We've also taken the pool away for now, just in case.. Luckily it's been a bit more tolerable outside, heatwise, anyway...

Egg #2 and the decoy


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